Washington Post opinion: Neighborhoods can be gentrified without pushing out poor people

By Jesse Van Tol  | The Washington Post   Neighborhoods have been developing and changing since the dawn of civilization, but the idea of gentrification – when an influx of new money and new people transforms a community – has emerged as an issue since only the 1960s. And it is a complicated and often Continue Reading


How black residents of Long Beach fought racist real estate policies and influenced a nation

By: Brian Addison “I can sympathize and empathize with the frustration, dismay and disappointment experienced in unsuccessful attempts to acquire housing in the bigoted ‘International City’ of Long Beach. I have not been able to rent an apartment after searching for almost three months—indubitably due to the fact that I am a Negro.” This is Continue Reading


Poll: Public Overwhelmingly Believes Housing Affordability Should Be a Top National Priority

By: Opportunity Starts at Home WASHINGTON, DC, March 28 2019 – Today, the Opportunity Starts at Home campaign released the results of a national public opinion poll that it recently commissioned through Hart Research Associates. The vast majority of the public (85%) believes that ensuring everyone has a safe, decent, affordable place to live should Continue Reading


African American homeownership rates on the decline in southeast Michigan as Fair Housing Month looms

By: Gina Joseph   Willie Davis is 33-years-old. He’s African American. And Davis, a Troy real estate agent, is looking to purchase a home in Clinton Township. In looking at homeownership rates among black households across southeast Michigan, he’s an exception, as are some of his clients, including Benjamin and Seane Pettis, who recently purchased Continue Reading


In A Majority-Black City, Mortgages Go Disproportionately To Whites

Mayor Mike Duggan was happy enough about the city’s rising homeownership rate that he mentioned it in his State of the City address. Today, John Gallagher at the Free Press offers a sobering additional detail: White people make up just 10 percent of Detroit’s population but got nearly half of the home mortgage loans made Continue Reading


It turns out Americans weren’t ready to become a nation of renters. Homeownership is back in

By Andrew Van Dam A funny thing happened on the way to the United States becoming a nation of renters: people started buying homes again. New data indicate that in 2016, in defiance of myriad prognostications, the decade-long decline in the homeownership rate abruptly reversed. Once-rapid growth in renter households stalled, and the long-stagnant number Continue Reading


The ‘heartbreaking’ decrease in black homeownership

By Troy McMullen Racism and rollbacks in government policies are taking their toll. Vanessa Bulnes and her husband, Richard, bought their house on 104th Avenue in East Oakland, Calif., in 1992. The modest two-bedroom property is where they lived for 20 years, raising three children, and where Vanessa made a living running an in-home day-care center. Continue Reading


How the New Deal Hardened Racial Wealth and Homeownership Inequities

By Rob Meiksins and Steve Dubb     February 22, 2019; Real News Network Homeownership in the US has long been stratified by race. The most recent figures from the US Census Bureau (as of September 30, 2018) find that nationwide the white homeownership rate is 73.1 percent compared to a Black homeownership rate of 41.7 Continue Reading


Entrepreneur Who Just Opened Her 3rd Black-Owned Real Estate Company Within 5 Years to Become President of the NAREB

By BlackNews Tamairo Moutry, a very successful real estate broker/CEO has been appointed as the president of NAREB, the National Association of Real Estate Brokers – The Greater Milwaukee Chapter. Atlanta, GA — African-American real estate broker, mogul & CEO Tamairo Moutry, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native has been in the real estate business since 2004, Continue Reading


4 Reasons Why Real Estate Will Always be a Good Business

By Paul Shaw Real estate has been a cornerstone of most gigantic economies for a very long time. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. It’s safer than plenty of the other options and it also offers a greater reward in the long run. While the real estate business suffered some major setbacks Continue Reading