Sponsorship Opportunities

The value of any partnership is measured by the mutual benefits derived by each of the parties. That’s just what NAREB offers to its Partners.

During the 2022 program year, NAREB, comprised of member Realtist, our eight Affiliate organizations representing the full spectrum of the real estate arena and you, will embark upon and implement an aggressive strategy to raise the Black homeownership rate, increase investment opportunities, and expand the business base for Realtist. Building Black wealth is our goal and our charge.

NAREB will roll out eight new, dynamic initiatives under the association’s broader 2 Million New Black Homeowners (2Mn5) program. Each initiative focuses on a specific target audience with messages and subsequent recommended actions designed to educate, dispel myths about the value of homeownership, and encourage purchase or consideration of real estate investment. Be assured that numerous marketing and visibility opportunities are built in to ensure that our audiences are aware of your brand, and NAREB’s trust. This too is our goal and our charge to all of NAREB’s Partners.

Choosing to become a NAREB Partner during this term offers wide-ranging exposure to your brand at the national, regional, and local levels. Your presence positions you among Black real estate professionals and consumers alike, not only as a trusted collaborator but also as a company that values the business benefits of penetrating a segment of the coveted $1.2 trillion Black consumer market. Your partnership not only means business growth but also an efficient channel to reach Black Americans seeking the American Dream of homeownership.

Join us! Let us help you structure a marketing, involvement, and visibility package to fit your targeted marketing direction. Whether focused on reaching real estate industry professionals, consumers, or both, NAREB offers a smart and effective solution.

Discuss NAREB’s partnership opportunities with C. Renee Wilson, NAREB’s Executive Director. During business hours she can be reached by calling 713-480-5046, or by email at: crenee.wilson@nareb.com