The National Association of Real Estate Brokers

Realtist National Political Action Committee (NATPAC 1947)

Natpac 1947

The Realtist® NATPAC 1947 was created by the Governing Board of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) to further NAREB’s vision of becoming the major contributing source to the creation of national policies and the passage of federal legislation favoring democracy in housing and economic development in communities of color throughout the Unites States. To this end, the primary objectives of the Realtist® NATPAC 1947 are as follows:

  1. Support United States Senators and Representatives who:  a)  champion legislation that facilitates sustainable homeownership and fair access to mortgage capital by persons of color; b) advocate for policies that will enhance the careers and quality of life of minority real estate professionals and their families; and c) support economic growth and expansion in the African American and other traditionally underserved communities.
  2. Accept monetary contributions voluntarily donated by any person(s) or group(s) in accordance with Federal Election Commission (FEC) and other applicable guidelines and statutes, and disperse those monetary contributions to candidates and incumbent congresspersons whose positions are consistent with NAREB’s vision.
  3. Carry on such other legislative activities as may be deemed practical in order to further serve the political interests of Realtists®

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