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Dedra A. Mitchell South Georgia Board of Realtist

Meet Dedra A. Mitchell, a powerhouse in the world of real estate, armed with an M.B.A. earned during her time as a student at Florida A&M University/FAMU. Inspired by her parents' successful investments, Dedra ventured into real estate at a young age, quickly building an impressive portfolio of rental properties and foreclosure flips by her mid-20s. With over 15 years of experience under her belt, she has emerged as a licensed Real Estate Broker, specializing in the dynamic Florida and Georgia markets. Dedra's success story is built on her genuine care and personal attention to each of her clients. As a real estate professional, she goes above and beyond to ensure their dreams become a reality, earning admiration and trust from all who work with her. Beyond traditional real estate transactions, Dedra has also found immense success in the Short-Term Rental/Airbnb business. For almost a decade, she has skillfully managed and maintained a flourishing Airbnb portfolio, which has not only contributed to her own prosperity but also led her to spearhead a local Airbnb Host Group with over 400 members. Through her contributions and leadership, Dedra has empowered other hosts to become more knowledgeable and responsible, resulting in increased profits for business owners in the community.

In addition to her prowess as a real estate broker and Airbnb entrepreneur, Dedra A. Mitchell is a seasoned long-distance runner with a passion for conquering marathons across various states. Her commitment to running parallels her dedication to real estate, showcasing her drive and determination in both personal and professional endeavors. Dedra's expertise extends to improving distressed properties, where she expertly identifies potential and transforms these properties into valuable assets. She possesses a unique talent for finding smart buys for renovation projects, often securing items at more than 50% off retail pricing. These shrewd investments allow her to utilize the savings in other areas, leading to even greater returns for her clients. Navigating the intricacies of the foreclosure/REO purchase process is second nature to Dedra. With registrations on several foreclosure and auction sites, she confidently bids on behalf of her clients, ensuring successful outcomes and satisfied home buyers. In addition to her many accomplishments, Dedra cherishes the role of being a new mother. Balancing her professional achievements with her growing family, she brings a unique perspective and understanding to her clients' needs when seeking the perfect home for their own families.

Dedra A. Mitchell's commitment to community and service is further evident in her Diamond Life Membership with Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority Inc. She played a pivotalrole in chartering the South Georgia Board of Realtists, an esteemed Board of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, the largest Black Trade Organization. This commitment reflects her dedication to promoting diversity, equity, and excellence within the real estate industry.

With her diverse expertise, unwavering determination, and genuine care for her clients and community, Dedra A. Mitchell continues to make a significant impact in the world of real estate, proving herself to be a remarkable leader, entrepreneur, and role model for generations to come.,

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Dedra A. Mitchell

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4471 Robert Drive, Valdosta, Georgia 31605