NAREB Constitution Amendment – Article XIII


TO: Local Board Presidents, Members

CC: Lydia M. Pope, President, NAREB | Derrick Luckett, Chair, NAREB Board of Directors

FROM: H.Bernie Jackson, Chair Constitution Committee



DATE: JUNE 29, 2022

The Board of Directors at the Mid-Winter meeting of 2020, directed the Constitution Committee to incorporate (Sexual Harassment) as part of the Constitution of NAREB. The attached “best practice” draft copy was presented to the Board on May 26, 2022. The attached draft copy will be published on NAREB, website by July 1, 2022. The final document will be reviewed by NAREB legal department for corrections and or recommendations. As per the Constitution, notice is being forward.

Click the image below to read the amendment or the button below to download the constitution.

Constitution Amendment - Article XIII