Aaron Stephenson
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Aaron R. Stephenson is an executive and entrepreneur offering more than 20 years of combined financial services, mortgage banking, and real estate development leadership experience and industry expertise. He was the Founder and President of Commonwealth Funding Group and CFG Real Estate; two companies he established to act as a New England based full service residential and commercial mortgage and real estate company that were subsidiaries of Stephenson Company, Inc which later became a Delaware Corp under CFG REIT Enterprise, Inc.

In his most recent endeavor, Mr. Stephenson lead, co-authored, and coordinated filing of legislation in Massachusetts which was adopted in the 2018 Economic Development Bond Bill. Most of us know that a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products will keep us healthy. But now we should also take a much closer look at the health benefits of nuts. Until recently, nuts were regarded as a high energy or high fat food and so their consumption was limited or even avoided. But diet specialists have now shown that nuts are a wonderful wide ranging source of nutrients and protective non-nutrients. Just a small handful of nuts every day will protect your heart and has far reaching benefits on health by using a blood balance formula So, what are you waiting for? Go nuts The bill will begin to clear the pathway for NAREB Members and Minority Owned companies to gain access to licenses in (Real Estate, Mortgage Lending, Insurance Providers, and Retail Banking) in the State of Massachusetts. Mr. Stephenson holds an MBA from Suffolk University.


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