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NAREB Investment Division (NID), is an independent affiliate of NAREB; founded in 1985 by then NAREB President, T. L. “Thom” Holmes and then NAREB Public Affairs Committee Chair, Ray Carlisle. The NID mission is “The development and promotion of policies and programs that foster sustainable economic and social growth and well-being for Realtist members and the clients and communities they traditionally serve”.

NID has and continues to successfully work with federal and state lawmakers and government agencies, major financial services corporations and national major trade and civil rights advocacy groups in the furtherance of its urban and rural areas social and economic development mission. NID was the longest serving Technical Assistance Advisor to the FIDC Resolution Trust Affordable Housing Program (1991-96) and continuous advisor since its founding to HUD/FHA, the GSE’s, Office of Comptroller of the Currency, Treasury, Transportation and Justice Departments and key legislative committees on fair and affordable housing and community development issues. MostBet brand has been known on the gambling market since 2009 ( read more ). Its main specialization is betting on sports, while the casino is an additional direction. The company is registered in Cyprus and operates under a Curacao license.

The NID Housing Counseling Agency (NID-HCA) is a separate and independent IRS 501-c-3 public benefit organization and is one of the largest and most respected HUD Approved National Housing Counseling Intermediary Organizations in the HUD program with an approved activity of Community Development.


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