NAREB celebrates ‘Realist Pillars of Change Week’

Local Chapters Nationwide Strategize on Best Ways to Implement the Organization’s Five Guiding Pillars

WASHINGTON – The National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) celebrated “REALIST Pillars of Change Week,” honoring the work of its 90 local chapters in 33 states that collaboratively strive to overcome structural barriers that can prevent Black families from purchasing homes in communities across the country.

During the past week, NAREB chapters strategized on ways to advance their five pillars, the priorities that guide their mission to increase Black homeownership. Membership in the 75–year organization includes residential and commercial real estate agents and brokers, loan officers, mortgage brokers, title companies, appraisers, insurance agents and developers.

“Inequities in homeownership are a difficult chapter in America’s history, and we should never lose sight of the challenging environment in which we still work,” said NAREB President Lydia Pope. “By helping remove the barriers that continue to discourage millions of Black Americans from achieving their homeownership dreams, we are taking steps to ensure that our communities, our states and our nation are stronger and fairer than ever.”

The five pillars are:

  • Faith-Based & Civic Engagement – Over 75% of Black Americans surveyed by Pew Research reported that they are affiliated with a religious organization in their respective community. A large percentage of professional Black Americans belong to a civic or professional organization. Therefore, NAREB’s relationship with Faith-based and civic Institutions allows the association to target Black American consumers nationwide to: (1) Educate our audience about homeownership, and (2) Inspire them to purchase real estate. NAREB’s Strategic and MOU Relationships will be nurtured under this pillar.
  • Women Initiatives – Women Investing in Real Estate (W.I.R.E.) NAREB has identified Black women as a high-potential target market group of consumers to reach and penetrate to focus their attention on spending power on investing in real estate, pursuing home ownership, and growing existing practitioners’ careers in real estate. W.I.R.E. will focus on the development of effective educational tools and techniques for Black women consumers as well as for Black women real estate professionals. Specifically, the goals of the initiative are to: Increase access to financial information and capital for Black women; Increase home ownership and real estate investment for Black women as well as the development of affordable housing for and by Black women.
  • Diversity & Inclusion / Small Business – The majority of NAREB members are small businesses that qualify for most diversity and inclusion initiatives. We will focus our attention on educating and informing NAREB members about the income generation possibilities available through minority certifications and minority procurement opportunities. This initiative will also focus on strengthening leadership skills, business development, and mentorship. As important, NAREB will reach back into our communities to serve on local board and commissions to add our expertise as it relates to housing needs in our communities as well as inspire the next generation of real estate entrepreneurs through participation in career days on college and high school campuses.
  • Multi-Generational Wealth Building – NAREB understands that wealth building concepts, plans, and execution should be addressed on a multi-generational basis. In that regard, NAREB has developed age and life-style specific initiatives to reach and inform audiences about wealth building and homeownership. NAREB initiatives include: (1) the NAREB Youth Leadership Academy, (2) the NAREB Millennial Movement – focused on Gen Z and Millennial consumers, and (3) Efforts to inform senior citizens on key elements to prepare for and keep legacy wealth.
  • Government Relations / Advocacy – Over the course of NAREB’s rich history, barriers to homeownership have been identified, addressed, and eliminated based upon the association’s commitment to advocacy on behalf of equality and opportunity in our profession and for Black Americans seeking homeownership of their choice. NAREB will always use its powerful voice in support of support legislation or regulatory change designed to increase Black homeownership. Through our State of Housing in Black America (SHIBA) report and our monthly SHIBA Bytes, NAREB will continue to educate, inform, and share with our members, elected and appointed officials, our community and its organizations on the homeownership needs of Black Americans and its importance to build wealth as well as strengthening communities.

Miranda Morrow-Bartell, Chair of ‘REALIST Pillars of Change Week, credits local board members for the success in addressing the five pillars. “With the help of our local board members and their steadfast commitment to housing equity, our weeklong agenda promises be an important catalyst to positive action,” she said.


Michael K. Frisby