Philadelphia Metropolitan Board of Realtist

Darlene Meekins Philadelphia Metropolitan Board of Realtist

Darlene has over 15 years of business experience in various positions from computer software sales, business/ financial analyst, to team lead overseeing contractors. She is holding a bachelor’s Science (BS) in Industrial Management with a concentration in Computer Science from California University of PA and an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) from Saint Joseph’s University.Upon completing her master’s degree in 2012 she took a risk to pursue her interest in Real Estate. She is currently a full-time licensed REALTOR/Realtist doing residential and multi-purpose properties in the Philadelphia metropolitan area which includes Bucks, Delaware, Montgomery & Philadelphia counties.

Darlene loves learning, traveling, spending time with her family along with being a member of various organizations and participating in community volunteer activities.She is excited to see what God has in store for PMBR. Where the Lord gives vision, he will make provision. Darlene for one is very much encouraged by the energy, passion, and support she has been shown.

“Democracy in housing”, is our motto. And it is her firm belief that if we work together, we can achieve better opportunities in housing.The time is now to EEFI! That means to work Efficient, Effective, have Fun all while making an Impact in our businesses, communities, and among ourselves. We have no time to waste. For those who share the Realtist spirit, I invite you to join us, become a member, be a part of the spark to change!

Penn Center
P.O. Box 58162
1500 John F Kennedy Boulevard, Suite 1510
Philadelphia, PA 19102-9997

(215) 495-4330

Local Board President
Ms. Darlene Meekins

Philadelphia Metropolitan Board of Realtist

Penn Center,
P.O. Box 58162,
1500 John F Kennedy Boulevard, Suite C31
Philadelphia, PA 19102