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With over 15 years of real estate experience in selling commercial and residential properties throughout the Greater New Orleans Area, I have a proven track record of working with a vast clientele which has made me a multi million dollar top producer every year. My first year in real estate, I was the Rookie of The Year for our local Board of Realtors with over $6 Million in sales.

My mission is to teach others how to create generational wealth through real estate. And to increase home ownership in the under served communities by showing ALL that they can receive their dream of home ownership.

Over a twelve year period, I have assisted Xavier University of Louisiana in building the community around it’s campus as the Property Acquisition Manager. My will is to bring this idea to other HBCU’s and help them develop their neighboring community.

I serve on several community action Boards including the largest Community Action Program in the Greater New Orleans area Fueling my desire to help the under served communities.

I’ve been a business/productivity coach for the past 6 years. I’ve coached

Over 200 real estate professionals into production.

180 W Greenbrier Dr, New Orleans, LA 70128

(504) 717-6706

Local Board President
Deidra Carr Jones

The TouchDown Group Realty

180 W Greenbrier Dr, New Orleans, LA 70128