NAREB University


Why study online?

Take control of your career in real estate by first taking control of how you learn. By choosing NAREB University, you give yourself the freedom to study at your own pace—whenever and wherever you want. No having to be at a classroom at a certain time each evening and no wasted time and gas commuting there. You choose what time best fits your schedule to take your courses.

The other advantage to our online courses is that you can repeat any section you please—or breeze through material you understand quickly. You get to set the pace according to what works best for you.

Why choose NAREB University?

Our courses are:

  • Cost-effective: Save money and time with online learning.
  • Efficient: Our courses consistently have high first-time pass rates.
  • State specific: All of our courses are approved by each state’s real estate commission guaranteeing you are fully versed in the relevant laws and regulations governing your state.
  • Updated regularly: We are constantly updating and improving our content to ensure you have the best student experience possible.
  • Created with Mastery and Fluency methodology and include our Quality Guarantee.


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