Fair Housing Committee

NAREB 50th Anniversary of Fair Housing Act


Donnell Williams, Chair (NJ)
Robert Hughes, Jr., Co-Chair (KS)
Lawrence Batiste, Chief of Staff (GA)
Ray Carlisle, Honorary Past President (CA)
Charaka Cook, Regional Vice President (SC)
Ron Cooper, Past President (CA)
Sharon Henry, Co-Chair Conventions (GA)
Ed London, Past President (GA)
Danny Felton, Board of Director At-Large (FL)
Jeffrey Hicks, President (GA)
Bernie Jackson, Past President (MD)
Maurice Muhammad, Past Board Member At Large (PA)
Antoine Thompson, Executive Director (MD)
Renee Wilson, Relationship & Fundraising Manager (TX)
Rubye Wright, Executive Assistant (OH)

50th Anniversary of Fair Housing Act


Marketing and Publicity and Outreach Committee:

Bill Collins, Chair
Joanne Williams
Rubye Wright
Ashley Thomas
Shawnequa Badger
Antoine Thompson

Research Committee

 Ed London-Chair
Bernie Jackson- Co-Chair
Ray Carlisle-Co-Chair
James Haynes
Thomas Holmes
Evelyn Reeves
Maurice Muhammad
Antoine Thompson
Rubye Wright

Events Committee:

Sharon Henry, Chair
Joann Chambers
Dianne Little
Ed London
Charaka Cook
Antoine M. Thompson

Fundraising Committee:

Jeff Hicks, Chair
C. Renee Wilson
Antoine M. Thompson