NAREB Seeks 50,000 Signatures for Homeownership Petition Campaign

The National Association of Real Estate Brokers has launched a campaign to bring higher visibility to, and shine attention on, affordable homeownership for all Americans.  During NAREB’s 2014 Convention in Baltimore in July, the attached petition was distributed and signed by many NAREB members in attendance. 

Now, NAREB leadership urges every chapter and every Realtist member to share the Petition with their church members, neighbors, business associates, family and friends – everyone concerned that “homeownership opportunity remains within the reach of low and moderate income Americans.”

Once NAREB’s goal of 50,000 signatures has been reached by our deadline of Friday, October 31, 2014, the “Broader Access to Homeownership for All Americans Petition” will be delivered to Mel Watt, Director, Federal Housing Finance Agency (FIFA).  

A copy of the Petition is here: NAREB Petition – HousingFinanceReform. Please download and make as many copies of the Petition that you need. When your Petitions are completed, you can:

  • Mail to JoAnne Wooten, Executive Director, NAREB – 9831 Greenbelt Road Lanham, MD. 20706


If you prefer to sign the Petition electronically,

  • Visit the Petition online site on the web and sign.  You can also leave a comment.


Again, the submission deadline is:  Friday, October 31, 2014

NAREB is committed to affordable homeownership.  It’s our #1 priority.  We understand that housing finance reform is necessary and change is inevitable.  As the Petition states and as NAREB is urging, “Changes to methods of accessing mortgage capital should be accomplished in a way that keeps open the door to opportunity and provides hope and help to those low and moderate income Americans who are looking forward to owning a home of their own.”

Don’t wait.  Democracy in Housing can’t wait. Homeowners and future homeowners can’t wait.  NAREB’s committed voice to affordable homeownership and access to mortgage capital must be heard.  Join the campaign now!!  Let your voice be heard!!!