Real Estate Opportunities for Seasoned Individuals (R.O.S.I)

NAREB’s Real Estate Opportunities for Seasoned Individuals (R.O.S.I) is a program for all seasoned individuals over 40 years of age.


ROSI is one of 8 initiatives created by NAREB to address issues faced by African Americans. It focuses on senior issues related to generational family wealth retention. Through family education in key areas related to wealth acquisition and retention, the ROSIE training model targets NAREB Realists who see the future potential of the “seasoned individual”* market. In an unstable economy and an unpredictable real estate market, real estate professionals will learn to inspire those who have managed to acquire assets to plan for their heirs to receive, hold on to, and then pass on the family wealth to the next generation. As the seasoned individuals become a larger percentage of the US economy, we can contribute to the African American community by serving as “trusted advisor” for wealth retention.

According to AARP’s The Longevity Economy® Outlook:

  1. The 50-plus population now represents four generations (from the GI generation to Generation X) and by 2031 will include millions of Millennials. Generation Z will join the 50-plus cohort in 2047.
  2. The economic contributions of the 50-plus age group will grow from $8.3 trillion in 2018 to $28.2 trillion by 2050.

ROSI’s on-going mission is to continue identifying issues related to African American seasoned individuals and recommend to NAREB solutions and policies that can address the issues.

The ROSI SEMINAR is for real estate professional who want to educate the communities they serve about the importance of keeping family assets intact from one generation to the next. Expand your business to include estate planning advisory services. Offer your community the tools and guidance for developing a plan which keeps wealth in the family and the community. When you successfully complete this seminar, you will be certified to become a ROSI Trusted Advisor, equipped to guide seasoned individuals and families to professionals who can assist them to secure their generational wealth for the future.


  • Family Financial Literacy
  • Insurance for Life
  • Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts
  • Mortgage Options: Using Real Estate Equity Effectively
  • Affordable Housing Options for Seniors
  • Creating A Community Advisory Team

ROSI Contact:

Bessie Edwards – NAREB ROSI Committee Chair \