Richard Phipps
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On behalf of the NAREB Region 1, (the New England States) I welcome you to the Mid-Winter Conference Memphis. This is a unique time in our history as an organization 71 years in existence fighting for equality and as our motto says “Democracy in Housing”. It also marks 50 years since the Fair Housing act of 1968 as well as a celebration of Dr. King’s legacy relative to housing, economic and racial equality.

As we forge ahead being fully aware that the struggle for equality and fair housing is as important today as it was back then, we must believe that our efforts can make a difference in the lives of people of color in the USA, the place we all call home. We come together in Memphis to learn, share, collaborate, strengthen and incite each other to greater work for the common good understanding individually, we may be vulnerable but together we can be invincible in making the dream of fair and equitable housing a reality.

Thanks to the entire NAREB team national and local, partners and supporters for joining us in this epic struggle for equality, liberty and justice for all.


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