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The National Society of Real Estate Appraisers, Inc. (NSREA) was organized in the state of California in 1956. Our members are in most of the larger cities in the USA, most of which are licensed real estate practitioners. Many have obtained advanced college or university training and are well known as appraisers in their communities.

Because of the fact that our membership has worked and lived primarily in urban areas of the cities of our nation, we are recognized as being highly knowledgeable as to the values of properties in and around such areas. This fact increased the possibility that we would be called on to aid in the development of activities form improvement in urban areas.

Emphasis on objectivity and the need for intensive study in appraising is brought out in our training programs. Our re-certification program is based on continuing education and peer review. We are required to complete the re-certification program so that our skills are kept up to date. In addition, our standards of ethics and technical competency are among the highest in the industry.

We have a working and meaningful relationship with other professional appraisal organizations, creating an atmosphere for the exchange of ideas and procedures. Our symbols identify appraisers who will render fair and complete valuations, giving full consideration to all factors and circumstances. An appraiser certified by NSREA truly merits your full confidence.


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