Initiatives Introduced by President Donnell Williams

The NAREB 8 is a list of programs & initiatives curated by President Donnell Williams that expands the reach of the 2MN5 (2 Million New Black Homeowners in 5 Years), that was launched in 2015. These eight (8) items are the ammunition needed to arm the #REALTISTNATION in the war against declining of Black Homeownership in America and to claim victory in a deliberate, strategic and comprehensive manner.

House Then The Car (HTTC)

  • Program will serve the 1.7 million U.S. African American non-home owning millennial making $100k+ annually
  • Goal is to change the mindset of the millennial (primary) and Gen X (secondary) generations by educating them to the reality that homeownership is the primary tool used for generational wealth building in the African American community

Credit Restoration and Maintenance

  • Program will educate the African American community on the difference between good and bad credit and how to utilize the credit system for leverage to build wealth
  • Tools:
    • D-Free – Debt reduction
    • Better Qualified – establishment of business credit
    • Text “NAREB” to 71441

Realtist Opportunities For Seasoned Individuals

  • Seasoned is defined as anyone over 40 years of age or parents of any age
  • Program addresses holistic needs:
    • Buying/selling real estate
    • Life Insurance, Retirement
    • Health Insurance
    • Reverse Mortgages
    • Supplemental insurance (AARP, Aflac, etc.)
    • And more!

Realtist Referral Network

  • NAREB will create a nationwide, comprehensive database of real estate practitioners who have opted in to being part of this network that will ensure:
  • Fair, equitable platform for obtaining business
  • Vetted business opportunities from reputable referral partners
  • Agreed upon referral fee of 20%

Civic Engagement

  • Program establishes that in our quest to achieve NAREB home ownership goals and objectives, we will have to identify and cultivate a host of “Allies” that expand beyond our established network of partners and the faith based communities.
  • Our allies will include non-profits and professional organizations such as:
  • Urban League, NAACP, Greek organizations, Black Chambers, Minority associations (National Black MBA, Black Cardiologists, etc.)
  • The Civic Engagement website will allow members of our ally organizations and non-profits to post properties for sale and will generate an agreed upon referral fee/donation for every home sold by Realtist members.
  • This program will interface with the Realtist Referral Network.

Bid National

  • A secure online marketplace of NAREB Realtist listings/homes for sale featuring properties in all 50 states and Washington D.C.

Realtist Investment Group

  • A board of directors, will be formed for this crowdfunding platform which will allow investors to collectively invest and own real estate projects around the country
  • The group members will have the opportunity to choose initiatives and projects presented

International Committee

  • This program will engage legal immigrants, international leaders and ambassadors and real estate practitioners with a keen interest and experiences with international clientele ·
  • The goal of the program will be for members of the committee to become the primary resource and referral partners for investors and residents who qualify for EB-5 classification