By now, we’re sure that you have seen the devastation caused by massive and destructive floods that devastated Baton Rouge, LA communities. Families have been displaced, businesses disrupted and life as they knew it is now, at best, uncertain. Realtists in the Baton Rouge (LA) Association of Real Estate Brokers Chapter need our immediate help and support.

We are asking the NAREB family to come together to help our Realtist members and their families as they struggle to recover and rebuild their lives, their homes and businesses.

There are at least five (5) Realtist families directly affected by the floods, all displaced with a multitude of immediate needs. We want them to know that they are not alone and can count on the NAREB family for support.


Here’s how you can help.

#1. Donate funds by October 15th.

NAREB has established a special NAREB CARES donation link and page for an immediate contribution to financially support the five families. All contributions are welcome, but we hope that you can consider a minimum $100 donation to help the five affected families begin their post-flood recovery.

Here’s the direct link:



#2. Direct Donation of Goods and Supplies
I’m sure you can imagine that each of the Realtists, their families and businesses need all of the help we can possibly give and get to them as directly and as quickly as possible.


Supplies should be sent directly to:

Ms. Elsenia Young, Young Real Estate Group
2922 – 77th Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70807
Contact # (225) 933-1344


Please call in advance to out what donations are in the greatest need for each family to help their recovery from the flood.

NAREB Headquarters – If you are located near the NAREB national office join us in collecting cleaning and office supplies, or gift cards to major retailers located in the Baton Rouge, LA area. Whatever we collect will be shipped in bulk to Baton Rouge for distribution to the five families.

Gift card suggestions: Food stores & restaurants, clothing & department stores (Target, Walmart, Sears), home goods, home repair stores (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.), office supply stores (Staples, Office Depot), major credit card gift cards (American Express, MasterCard, Visa). We suggest a minimum card amount of $25 if at all possible.

in advance for your support, small or large!
All donations are greatly appreciated and will be divided among the families in need.


Here is a little more information about the members in need

Andrae Douglas – is in the home with her 16 -year- old son and a pet dog. Had to walk through 3 feet of flood water with the assistance of her son. Experienced losses in a fire just last year and now battling to recover from the flood damage. Currently living in a supplied trailer that may contain mold so her son can continue to attend school “located in the country” and play football. Family has nowhere else to turn for help.

Earlene Lewis – no children in the home. Computers, furniture, flooring and carpet were damaged during the flood.

Annette Nelson – has one -month old child in the home as well as her 20-year-old totally disabled son Home flooded with 4 to 5 ft. of water. Lost all furniture, all appliances, some clothing and shoes, kitchen ware, 3 vehicles, food, dishes, both air conditioners and both heating units, breaker box, flooring and many other items.

Ashley Reed and her three children (1 girl, and 2 boys) have been displaced. Home took on 5 feet of water and is uninhabitable.

Ella Smith – no children in the home. House flooded with over 4 ft. of water. She lost everything including her vehicle. Her house is currently gutted out with only the tubs and commodes remaining.


For more information about what else you can do to help,
please call us at (301) 552-9340.