Marketing & Public Relations Services


The National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) is a professional trade organization founded in 1947 to promote sustainable homeownership for all Americans. NAREB’s membership is comprised of a unique network of real estate brokers, real estate agents, other real estate industry professionals, and the general public.

NAREB is soliciting proposals from experienced professionals to provide Marketing and Public Relations consulting services on an as-needed basis. The proposal package must be submitted on or before November 14th. It can be sent electronically to or mailed or hand delivered to NAREB’s national headquarters at 9831 Greenbelt Road, Suite 309, Lanham, MD 20706.

Inquiries pertaining to this solicitation should be directed to JoAnne Lyons Wooten at or 301-552-9216.


The Marketing/Public Relations Consultant (Consultant) is expected to heighten NAREB’s visibility among key audiences including, but not limited to, government officials, NAREB members and potential members; policy makers; corporate partners; African-American and other communities of color, relevant advocacy organizations, and other key stakeholders in support of NAREB’s strategic planning goals. 2

The Consultant’s engagement will focus attention on heightening the awareness of NAREB, and the vital role it plays in strengthening African-American communities and increasing business opportunities for its members. These activities may include, but are not be limited to, media relations, message development, support of key NAREB events, consultation on the most effective avenues to promote NAREB’s program initiatives among key audiences, identifying appropriate forums to disseminate information, and other communications or relationship-building services.


• Crafting NAREB’s messaging platform for use by NAREB’s President, Board leadership team, key consultants, and staff;

• Serving as overall communications counsel and developing a strategy that supports NAREB among its many audiences. Tasks include, but are not be limited to, crafting and disseminating press announcements, alerts and statements on NAREB’s behalf; ensuring that each is uploaded to
NAREB’s website and distributed via NAREB’s outgoing communications vehicles; recommending and implementing social media activities; offering guidance to NAREB’s President in response to issues where NAREB’s voice should be heard and counted;

• Assisting appropriate committees in creating content for NAREB’s electronic newsletter;

• Assisting the President by developing messaging for speeches, presentations, remarks, and press statements that are consistent
with NAREB’s programmatic direction;

• Monitoring relevant national general market, real estate industry, and African American and other communities of color-focused news outlets to ensure that issues affecting, or of importance to NAREB as an organization, its members and their ability to conduct business, are gleaned and distributed in a timely fashion either for response or for informational purposes;

• Assisting appropriate NAREB committees to ensure that the information pathways are open and available to all chapters and members;

• Monitoring the messaging and production of promotional, membership and marketing materials to ensure consistency with the messaging platform;

• Providing advice and counsel to NAREB president, Board, and staff as requested and as needed to ensure NAREB’s presence and focus are consistent with the branding platform;

• Providing presentation/communications skills training seminars for NAREB leadership;

• Supporting the President in his efforts to communicate and execute the vision of his tenure, which may include: providing assistance and attending meetings in the Washington, DC Federal enclave designed to deliver NAREB’s perspectives to lawmakers, policymakers, trade organizations, advocacy and other groups concerned with ensuring affordable homeownership for African Americans and other disenfranchised segments of American society.

REQUIRED PROPOSAL ELEMENTS:    Each proposal should include the following:

1. Introduction – summary of your company’s background, resources, and relevant experience
2. Description of past projects, preferably of a similar size and scope
3. Website Link
4. Fees
5. References from past projects (at least 3)


NAREB will analyze and rate the proposals pursuant to the following criteria:

1. Qualifications of individuals performing the service … 30%
2. Budget … 30%
3. Demonstrated past performance … 20%
4. Organizational Capacity … 20%


NAREB’s proposed schedule for company selection, subject to change, is as follows:
Advertise for Proposals October 15, 2014
Deadline for Submitting Proposals November 14, 2014
Selection of Company November 24, 2014
Complete Contract Negotiations December 5, 2014
Execution of Agreement December 15, 2014

1. NAREB reserves the right to change the RFP process at any time. This solicitation does not obligate NAREB to reimburse respondents for any costs incurred in setting forth a proposal. This solicitation does not obligate NAREB to accept or contract for any expressed or implied services.

2. NAREB reserves the right to award the contract to the next most qualified bidder if the selected bidder does not execute a contract within six (6) calendar days after the award of the proposal.