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Frances M. Young Consolidated Board of Realtists
Frances M Young, a single mom of one daughter a college graduate honor student from UC Riverside. I was born and raised in the South Central area of Los Angeles, Ca. after graduating from Fremont High School, Los Angeles Ca in 1974 moved to Orange County, California, and graduated from Cal State University Fullerton in 1978, with a B.A. degree in Afro Ethnic Studies and a Minor in Business Administration. During that time living in Orange County, there were little or no job opportunities offered that was related to the disparities of social economics of the Blacks in Orange County.In 1979 the opportunity to do business as an African American college graduate was more prevalent in those days in Orange County because of the economic growth in the various industries. I decided to further my education and go to real estate school and get my license as a real estate professional. Once I received my license I start learning more about the business and selling real estate in one of the fastest growing real estate companies in Orange County at that time. The demand to be successful financially was great and I proceeded to learn as much as I could in that field. Money did not have a white or black color, money was green. The real estate company welcomed me with open arms and I did well. My clients were professional Black pro athletes who were former classmates and I was one of few black real estate professionals in the area who was qualified to handle their real estate needs.The money that I made in real estate turned me into to a young woman entremenuir and I then opened a dress boutique and again, I was able to build my clientele amongst my peers and former classmates and became their personal shopper. The business opportunity brought me in the mix of partnering with a large chain of stores founded in the downtown los Angeles area (The Garment District) and granted me the status of a top performer in the clothing industry. Meeting more business people at a young age brought more awareness to the need of more Blacks in the professional arena who were deprived of the opportunity to make a living for themselves due to the lack of knowledge and awareness of becoming your own boss. The next business opportunity that was offered to me was to open a jewelry store downtown Los Angeles which was pretty intimidating because there were now black women in business downtown Los Angeles at the time and very few black males. With the experience of being a business woman in Orange County I was not scared to give it a try. I wanted to learn more about the jewelry business and enrolled in the Gemology Institute of America (GIA) and received my certification as a Gemologist and Also, received a Masters Degree from City of Los Angeles University. I became a wholesaler of fashion jewelry for 17 years and opened 4 additional outlets in different cities and employed my family and helped them get started in business.When the economy start to go down the Jewelry market finally saw a downturn and crashed. I then saw the end of that industry and resorted back to selling Real estate and began the trail to rebuild my business career in real estate in 1996. I opened a full service real estate company and serviced the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside areas. I started investing again and bought property and owned as many as 90 units to own and manage which helped me re establish myself. I taught Real Estate for at least 10 years at West Los Angeles College, Culver City as an Adjunct Professor. When the Real estate market crashed I became one of the managing brokers for REO properties and serviced different banking institutions. Today I am working as an independent real estate broker servicing all areas in California.

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Local Board President: Frances M. Young

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